Tax Advice Accounting Financial Statements

We are still waiting for the promised annual tax return that fits on a coaster. Instead of making this possible, fiscal law gets more complicated and confusing with each new reform. According to the German tax payer’s association, one out of three tax assessment notes is incorrect.


Therefore comprehensive tax concepts are needed. These are based on an accurate accounting system and precise annual financial statements.


Tax Returns

In addition to the annual personal income tax return, where we identify all tax possibilities with you, we also compile all other required tax returns for you and your corporation.


Business accounting is not a necessary evil in your corporate operation. It is your monitoring and control system for determining your company’s economic functionality and efficiency.


In addition to simply entering your accounting data into a system, we also design and implement the right accounting system for your corporation. We offer additional services to make your business accounting more transparent and to reduce your workload.


Whether you decide to have your accounting done in our offices, in your offices with a link to our electronic data processing system or if you choose the option data online – so that your documents do not leave your offices – we will accommodate your needs and find the right accounting solution for you.

Financial statements

The annual financial statement is your company’s calling card. Merchants and corporations now must, under legal requirements, publish their annual financial statements in the electronic Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette). In addition, the annual financial statement is one of the most important documents for your bank on which they base their credit decisions.


It is all the more imperative that the annual financial statement presents a structured overview of the financial circumstances and includes a detailed report.


We create the annual financial statement with all necessary accruals and deferrals as well as closing entries based on the accounting we have either prepared ourselves or your company has provided to us. We also prepare the individual reports and take care of the necessary disclosure in the German Federal Gazette.