Asset and Retirement Planning

Within the scope of asset and retirement planning, we determine the coordinates of your personal wealth. We provide you with an overview of your current status and the development of assets and liquidity in the future by means of a transparent presentation of the results.


We highlight your individual path to personal independence and pension coverage.

Added benefits:

  • Computation of your current net worth and extrapolation to any desired time in the future
  • Estimation of your personal wealth in regards to pension plans and mortgage financing
  • Illustration of your wealth and liquidity situation for family owned holding companies
  • Compilation of your personal national and international assets and liabilities
  • Compilation of your loan status (residual maturity, fixed-interest period)
  • Self-disclosure to banks in accordance with the German Banking Act (KWG)
  • Advisory and monitory services relating to asset transfers
  • Business succession
  • Marital apportionment of assets and liabilities
  • Support and advice in the design of wills and testaments