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The Focus Consult AG is managed by two partners of different age groups servicing all generations of clients. Together with our associated lawyers from numerous specialty fields, notary publics as well as specialist support teams (i.e. from the fields of real estate industry, insurance companies etc.), we offer and provide all required services from a single source. Your economic success is ensured by professional expertise and continuous advanced vocational training of the entire team.


Our clientele is composed of the majority of the following fields:

  • Persons affiliated with the remedial profession as well as related professions (doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, etc; alternative practitioners as well as businesses in the medical field) who we counsel and advise in the special tax issues of independent professions (trade tax and sales tax risks) and incorporate the relevant professional regulations within the scope of their financial accounting.
  • We advise this field in particular in regards to the continuous economic demands by providing cash budgeting and reporting. We accompany loan negotiations and support these by supplying comprehensive financial statements, evaluations and asset statements.
  • Real estate owners with substantial properties whom we support and advise with our long standing expert knowledge in the field of real estate taxation. We oversee new financing and re-financing adeptly and, when needed, assist in the transfer of properties and real estate within the scope of sale, endowment and inheritance.
  • Medium-sized service companies, to which we provide all encompassing tax and economic advisory services with our long standing cross-professional experience – also in regards to “outhouse” or “inhouse”-, accounting solutions and services in addition to our regular monthly accounting services (open-item-accounting, establishing a debt collection system and/or payment system, individual reports, etc.), payroll accounting, preparation of the annual financial statement and the corresponding tax returns. We offer  tax and financial planning or provide advisory services in regards to enterprise structuring, restructuring and organization.
  • Persons with taxable elements abroad. For many years, we have counseled clients who have relocated to Switzerland for personal or business reasons in regards to the tax consequences in Germany and Switzerland. In addition to this, we ensure that the taxpayer is not liable to multiple taxation in different countries by reviewing the applicable double taxation agreements.
  • Companies from Eastern Europe, especially Russia and Ukraine, who are looking to start a business or business relations in Germany. We assist them in their native language and our spectrum of services range from the foundation of the enterprise in Germany, development of an accounting and bookkeeping system, to the preparation of the financial statements and beyond.
  • Seniors who request tax or technical advice – in particular with the structuring of the transfer of assets or possibly the establishment of endowments - in regards to the management of their sizeable property.