Management Consulting

Management consulting is the answer to the key questions:

  • How do I become more successful?
  • How do I optimize my company or practice?

We fulfill various functions for you in this area: we monitor the adherence to your corporate forecasts and financial resource planning with the help of the accounting data. We compile business concepts for your company in case of tax and economic purposes.


Additional benefits:

  • Assistance with the foundation of your corporation
    • Preparation of an individual and adapted business concept
    • creation of a business plan
    • Registration of the corporation with the fiscal authorities
    • Allocation of shelf companies
    • Implementation of business management processes
  • Cooperation during corporate credit negotiations in conjunction  with an expressive analysis of the company and company presentations
  • Installation and supervision of  budget planning, corporate planning and funds planning system
  • Advisory services for capital investment and financial decisions
  • Implementation of financial controlling and/or cost center controlling
  • Assessment of your own corporation as well as prospective companies
  • Business and tax analysis and consultation for acquisition or sale of companies
  • Due Diligence
  • Establishment of tax planning – coordinated with corporate and financial asset planning
  • Assessment and optimization of business management processes
  • Minimization of tax risks on the basis of audits of operating results by the fiscal authorities
  • Implementation and support in the area of compliance
  • Development of an internal controlling system for business processes
  • Advance preliminary examinations prior to audits by the fiscal authorities in order to determine risk areas (together with an IT expert specializing in digital audits)