Real Estate Financing

Stock exchange rates are subject to substantial fluctuation. The index development is often affected by speculation and incorrect assessments of opportunities and risks. The financial crisis of 2008 has left a lasting effect on all of us. In these times, many investors continue to see real estate as a stable monetary investment which can also be utilized as an instrument for personal tax planning.


Together with clients as well as financial institutions and insurance companies, we have developed many different types of real estate financing and implemented them successfully. The tax element (tax losses or tax-free transfer of ownership to a relative) has always been an integral part.


Additional benefits:

  • Development of performance forecasts for rental properties
  • Assistance with the preparation for negotiations with banks
  • Assistance with the search for alternative financial backers (i.e. insurance companies)
  • Formation of individual real estate companies or property funds
  • Support with the selection of high-yield properties (with our associated real estate experts)
  • Property management